Beware Friends साबधान मित्रो

Hi friends,
                            Talking these two days, with you we feel happy and learned a lot from your side. We are thankful to you to provide us such kind of suggestions and knowledge. we hope your suggestions and feedback really encourage us to serve you better.
          The aim of this site is to make an awareness regarding Share Market that a lot of people could know more and more about this market. because of in India due to lack of knowledge, people fear by the name of Share Market because there is lack of proper and genuine channels (Mediums)(No meaning of Television Channels here) in this field. We are trying to develop an Open platform by Traders and Investors to Traders and Investors so that everyone could learn in a proper way and could exchange their ideas, views, thoughts etc.
Now we want to say that we have provided you our facebook, Whatsapp no. and email id so that you could get in touch with us. but some illegal person is trying to call our followers and asking them to take paid call service and asking them to open Trading and Demat Account. 
Here we want to say that these are a totally Illegal person. who's stolen our follower's information and making the calls. Please ignore them and block them and Do not fall in talk of such type of fraudulent person. 
We have no tie up (Connection(s)) with any Broker and Paid Service Agency. If they say so, They are telling a lie.
हमारा किसी भी ब्रोकर तथा पेड सर्बिस देने बाले से किसी भी तरह का कोई समबन्ध नहीं है। यदि कोई ऐसा कहता है तो बह झूठ बोल रहा है। 
Hope you understand this.
For Girls:-  Do not disclose your identity and your phone numbers on our open platform ifyou have any query ask us on our WhatsApp number directly or on our Email Id.
 for All-  Do not disclose your Numbers to our open platform.
Please add your photo on your Facebook page and your Dp on Whats App.
 Since Monday 18-6-2018 after 7 pm we are going to block and remove all those have not used their photos. however for girls please use photos of your father, brother and or any other male person.

Sorry for your inconvenience.
We are always responsive for your Intrest
Thank you
                          Team Everyday Intraday Tips