Difference Between Tips and Traps( जाल/धोखा)

                                         TIPS AND TRAPS( जाल/धोखा)

Dear friends               
           Good Morning, Now when the share market is close and we are resting we want to tell you the Difference between Tips and Traps.When you receive a call or get any Tips just need to check few things.1. Shares which are given in call or Tips , you can sell in bracket order, cover order or mis (intraday) or not if you could sell  or buy these shares in intraday or cover order and bracket order, these are good tips. But If you can not sell or purchase under above category and need to buy under cash and carry product type you need to be beware because this may be trap. someone is waiting eagerly to sell their shares will sell their shares and you may be a target. So first check this then jump in market.