14 Mar 2018 | Intraday Calls | Happy Trading

 If any trade goes reverse sort sell of this in large quantity to get profit and to recover the loss.   घाटे से बचने के लिए उतनी ही मात्रा में खरीदें जितने की पोशीनल अवस्था में बदल सकें।
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#Icicibank :buy@305/ Target 1@307/Target 2@309/Target 3@311/Stop Loss 301.5
first target hit
#Jktyrebuy@156 /Target 1@158/ Target 2@160/ Target 3@162Stop Loss 153
marginally gone up  
#Jetairwaysbuy@700 /Target 1@703/ Target 2@706/ Target 3@709Stop Loss  695
All target hit within 1 hour
Read terms & Conditions
1. For Study & Education purpose only.
2. Trade between 1 to 250 shares per call.In that quantity that you could take a position.
3. Follow the Stop-loss strictly.
4. Do paperwork first before jumping in the Real market.
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