New Improved Android App

 Hi Dude 
                     Today we published our New improved Android App on  Google Play Store. 
 Click to Download Our Updated Android App
It has many new features that are 

1.New sleek design

2. Push Notification
3. Menu Items

4. Offline Sharemarket Information and Terminology in both English and Hindi

 5.Easy to install and use

 6.New Important web page links

 7.Upload and Download facility within the App like as .mp3, .mp4, .docx, .pdf

 8.Slide to Refresh and Auto Refresh

 9.Youtube Channel video Play

10. facebook - page viewing facility within the app 

11.App Sharing 

12.App Rating

Please Uninstall Our Previous App and Download This new one.
You can Download it from Google play store Searching by Name Namita Rathore or Everyday intraday tips or 

Click Here to Download New Android App