Regarding Profit and Loss

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                   we noticed that many of our followers are not Happy. Don't lose your Heart.

As from last month, the market is not stabilizing. It is fluctuating. One day any share moves head than another day it falls. So the situation is very typical however our tips are touching the targets but the problem is that market fluctuating very sharply.In our previous posts, we suggested buying in that quantity that you could convert to positional(delivery) form. If you buy in your loss taking limit than you can survive till the target hit or recover the loss. for Example - on 11-04-2018 we have given Yes Bank tips to buy at 319.50 but it falls however later it recovered to 319.88. In this situation, you can exit without loss. now you have to pay only brokrage charges. If you buy in delivery or in the limit that you could convert in delivery obviously you can trade better and Definitely could Earn from Share Market but the problem is that many of us want to become Rich in one Night. So this is not a Proper place. In this Market, you have to wait and watch.

So we suggest you buy in limit and wait & watch till last.
you can follow these two strategies.

1. If you take a position(buy) any share and that is falling add more at every 1 or 2 Rupay(Rupee) fall.
When it will recover you will come soon out of loss and make a profit.

2. If you take Position(buy) and that share is falling short sell in large amounts that you could come out from loss and make a profit.

Short Sell- means usually we buy the shares first and sell later but you can sell the shares first and can buy later, it is called Short sell.