15 May 2018 | Intraday Calls | Happy Trading

                                             Everyday Intraday Tips

                                                        Today Short -Sell all.
#EDELWEISS: Sell@302/ Target 1@297/Target 2@295/Target 3@293/Stop Loss 305
All target hit
#Gujgasltd:Sell@899/Target 1@895/Target 2@891/Target 3@887/Stop loss 904
All target hit
#Suntv: Sell@965/Target 1@961/Target 2@957/Target 3@953/Stop Loss 969 
All target hit
1. For Study & Education purpose only.
2. Trade between 1 to 250 shares per call
3. Follow the Stop-loss strictly.
4. Do paperwork first before jumping into the Real market.
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