Golen Rules of Trading

Everyday Intraday tips

How to save yourself from loss.

Hey, Friends here we Everyday Intraday Tips want to say that no share goes direct up or direct down. So if you buy any share and that starts to go down do not make panic. you have to do.
1. Short sell in large amount.
buy more shares on every 1 or 2 or 3 Rupees fall as you wish.
when it will recover you will in profit. soon.
3.buy in the limit.
example - on Today 31-05-2018 we give buy call of torntpower it goes down to 250 and again recover to 253.60 at 11:14 in morning. during this time if some follow our rules of trading or here rule no. 2 definitely. He/She can get profit or come out from his/her loss. So read it and follow it strictly.
market mai bane raho bhago mat.

yadi aap loss se bachna chahte hain to pahle dar ko khatAM karna hoga pahle apne under dar ko marna hai iske liye sabse pahle aap utne share kharido jitne aap delivery/positional form mai badal sako tab aap pure din dekna aap ko jaldi nahi hogi bechne ki, ki loss ho raha hai kyunki aap usko convert kar sakte hain. ye baat aapko bazar mai tike rahne degi aur jo tika raha wahi winner hota hai.

kyunki jeet unhi ki hoti hai jo aant tak tike rahte hain.

जीत उन्हीं की होती है जो अंत तक टिके रहते हैं।