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All fake. No one hit. Even u r not clear about the opening rates

hi, there we see you the first time. and how can you say that all fake no one hit? 
                just check Friday market closing status of Sensex and nifty. and check today market opening status of both sexsex and nifty. how much both in the red zone. and today as we speculate market will go up, market gone. and the tips which we were given also gone up. later suddenly market fallen than what can we do. just check at beginning of the day market was on in green zone and 150 points up. later it has fallen at around 10 to 11 am. In this condition what can we do? also, there are 5000 companies listed on BSE and NSE exchange and the three which we were given only gone up. Why these three only gone up. On our tips page, we already alerted you to trade in the limit as this time market is very fluctuable it goes up in minutes and down in minutes. We want to add here this if someone follows our " Rules of Trading" he can not  go in loss." Also, we are human not a magician. Another thing is that there are several tips providers in Industry as well as free and paid, stop loss hit of all, No one makes Interaction with you they only provide tips but we listen to you and reply your queries too. We can understand you made a loss today. but Don't lose your heart. In future, you can gain. another thing is that if you think the market is going down or stock is falling you can short sell also that is written in our Rules of trading. 
In last we want to say that you didn't read our "Rules of Trading."  Ok, Good luck with your future trade to All. 
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 If a Vehicle is going with the speed of 150 kmph sudenly it reverse with the same speed. the passengers will get hurt.