31 July 2018 | Intraday Calls | Happy Trading|

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#Mcx: buy@833/T1@837@/T2@841 / T3@845/ SL 830 (Very high Flucuable Share)
All target hit High 886
#Marico: buy@364/T1@367@/T2@370/ T3@373SL 361 
first target hit 
#Bhartiartl:SELL@385 /T1@382/T2@379 / T3@376 @/ SL 388
first target hit
*T = Target | *SL = Stop loss
Today Reported by some of our clients that call gone wrong and they made a loss. but stay-*  do you read our rules of trading that are 

9. If you take a position(buy) a share/Stock and that is falling add more at every 1 or 2 Rupay(Rupee) fall.
When it will recover you will come soon out of loss and make a profit. Do same with short Sell calls also.

10. If you take Position(buy) and that share is falling short sell in large amounts that you could come out from loss and make a profit.
Short Sell:- means usually we buy the shares first and sell later but you can sell the shares first and can buy later, it is called Short sell. Do same with short Sell calls also.

11. Do not use your full limit at a time. for example, if you have a capacity of buying/ selling of 100 Shares, just sell or buy half of the shares at a time and if the trade goes against you then follow rule no. 9 or 10 or both.

12. Don't do Intraday Daily to save from unexpected loss.

for Marico look rules no. 9 it goes down and at the end of the market, it touches its opening price. here if you followed our rule no. 9 you can get profit. 

and for Bharti artl - at around 09:15 - 25 we send a message to change the view on this and to buy bharti artl 2 times. so if you see that message you can get profit.   
leave it if we see it simple now according to our rule no. 10 you can recover your loss and get profit.  newcomer don't read it and makes loss and later blame us.

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Read term & Conditions.
1. Study & Education purpose only.
2. Trade within 1 to 250 shares per call
3. Follow the Stop-loss strictly.
4. Do paperwork first before jumping into the Real market.
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