03 August 2018 | Intraday Calls | Happy Trading|

Take Position in all three, तीनों एक साथ खरीदें।
newcomers just read rules of trading first
Do not buy only one stock केवल एक ही स्टाॅक मत खरीदो
#Star: buy@395.50/T1@398.5@/T2@401.5 / T3@404.6/ SL 392.5
All target hit high 407
#Mfsl: buy@519/T1@522@/T2@525/ T3@528SL 516
First target hit
#Hexaware:buy@475 /T1@478/T2@481 / T3@484 @/ SL 462
First target hit
*T = Target | *SL = Stop loss
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Read term & Conditions.
1. Study & Education purpose only.
2. Trade within 1 to 250 shares per call
3. Follow the Stop-loss strictly.
4. Do paperwork first before jumping into the Real market.
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