18 January 2019 | Intraday Calls | Happy Trading|

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#oberoirtly:(NSE) BUY:461T1:464T2:467 | T3:470SL: 458
opens on 463 and goes down as market was down.
#Relcapital:(NSE) BUY:218T1:221T2:224| T3:225 | SL: 215
opens on 219 and goes down as market was down.
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1. Study & Education purpose only.
2. Trade within 1 to 250 shares per call
3. Follow the Stop-loss strictly.
4. Do paperwork first before jumping in the Real market.
 Low Earning People never do Intraday. (below 15000 per month)
कम आय वाले लोगों को सलाह दी जाती है, कि वो इंट्राडे ट्रेडिंग न करें।
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